Carnival Rides – Mojave

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One By One set

One By One set

I was the production sound mixer for a horror teen-slasher film titled One By One which was shot out at California City Studios in the Mojave Desert.  We spent about 3 weeks shooting in the  late night during some rather cold desert weather, around 25 degrees on average.  This set was a real operational carnival which the Merry-Go-Round was claimed to be previously owned by Michael Jackson at his Neverland Ranch (seen in the bottom picture in the bottom right corner).  After we wrapped on our last day of shooting, I was able to spend a few hours going around the carnival gathering some really great pneumatic, motor, and mechanical sounds from all the various rides.  My favorite was from the Ferris Wheel, standing just under the rotating wheel with the carts passing by me just inches away.  Recordings were tracked to my SD 702T at 24/192k, with my Oktava MK-012 MS rig.  Other than the perfect recording conditions being in the middle of the desert, the only obstacle was the generator in the background you might pick up on the quieter sections.

If you look closely, you’ll see one of the stunt men on top of the ferris wheel prep’ing for a shot.

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