Stanley Cup Finals 2016

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Struck gold somehow this year having the opportunity to join the Road To The Stanley Cup crew, for the Semi-Finals and Finals for the Sharks home games at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA. Was a fantastic experience seeing some of my favorite players and my #1 NHL team (Pittsburg Penguins) for the first [...]

Yosemite Sound

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I took the new Fusion 10 out for a hike in Yosemite to go up the Nevada Falls trail and see what I could get.  The top of the Nevada falls area just sounded as basic as any rushing water river or creek, however down below at the bottom of another waterfall (Vernal Falls), the [...]

The Deuce

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While on location on a small airfield in Mojave California shooting Phase Two (2009), I took some downtime to record this unique sounding truck.These series of recordings were done before I had my own equipment unfortunately.  This was tracked onto a Edirol R-4 Pro at 24/48k, using a Sanken CS-1. Deuce_In_Stop_Idle_Away Deuce_Fast_By_Away

Oktava M/S Project

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About a few years ago I posted on the about my idea for an inexpensive mid/side recording set up using my pair of Oktava MK-012, and the new figure 8 capsule I ordered from Oktava USA.  Since then my pictures and sound links used in that thread have been moved around on the ftp, [...]

In the Amazon – Bolivia, South America

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Finding a good place to record the ambience of the upper Amazon area was more difficult than I expected.  The terrain was so thick and steep getting off of the road was tough.  This recording was done with a spaced pair of Countryman B3’s, spaced about 8 ft. apart along side the infamous “Death’s Road”.  [...]

The Caribbean – Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic

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Caribbean Coast I had a wonderful sound mixer opportunity on a project in the Dominican Republic in the early Fall of 2009 with a well established producer/editor Marc Marriott.  We first shot in the city of Puerta Plata on the northern coast of the island and the accommodations given to us were just amazing.  We [...]

Carnival Rides – Mojave

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I was the production sound mixer for a horror teen-slasher film titled One By One which was shot out at California City Studios in the Mojave Desert.  We spent about 3 weeks shooting in the  late night during some rather cold desert weather, around 25 degrees on average.  This set was a real operational carnival [...]

A Day At The Park

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Decided to go try out the new gear and the new MS set up using a matched pair of Oktava MK-012 (the real russian type).  There’s a bit of street noise being that the park sits in between a fairly busy street and major freeway.  Recordings were recorded on a Sound Devices 702T at 24 [...]